Catholic Board of Education Archdiocese of Lahore

The Catholic Board of Education is a registered body registered with the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies, Lahore Region, Lahore (vide his No. S-27/LR of 1967-68 dated 27-09-1967. The Archbishop is the Chairman of the Catholic Board of Education. The Catholic Board of Education acts as the Supreme Supervisory Body for all the Catholic Educational Institutions in the Archdiocese of Lahore, which consists of 15 permanent members, who meet twice a year to discuss and evaluate educational matters and to make decisions on all kinds of major policy matters, especially regarding the provincial/federal Governments. The Board also devises ways and means by which education of the best quality is imparted in the educational institutions within the Archdiocese. It also coordinates the activities and policies of all the educational institutions within the Archdiocese through their Governing Bodies/Managing Committees. The Board also has an Executive Committee consisting of five members. This committee meets once in two months to grant scholarships to students for higher and technical education and to pursue urgent educational issues within the Archdiocese. There are about 90 big and small English and Urdu medium schools run by the Catholic Board of Education. Most of the schools running in the rural areas are subsidized by the Catholic Board of Education to maintain their staff salaries and day-to-day running expenses as their fee structure is shallow. The Board is also responsible for arranging Continuous Professional Development for the teachers working in the educational institutions, and also Construction/renovation of the school buildings.

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