Introduction to Catholic Board of Education Hyderabad

The Catholic Board of Education, the Educational arm of the Catholic Diocese of Hyderabad was established on 15th July 1961 with a focus to streamline the impact of education in the Catholic Diocesan and Congregational Schools in the Diocese of Hyderabad.

The Board is registered under section 20 of the Societies Registration Act – 1860 vide Registration No. 4060.

The Catholic Diocese of Hyderabad was created by the Bulla “Eius in Terris”, dated April 28, 1958, and officially erected on August 23, 1958.

The Catholic Board of Education was taken care of by His Grace Archbishop Alqiun Van Miltenburg, Archbishop of Karachi until 1958. He was then transferred to Hyderabad as the first bishop and later President of the Catholic Board of Education – Hyderabad in 1963. Bishop Bonaventure Paul was the next President of the Catholic Board of Education Hyderabad followed by Bishop Joseph Coutts (Present Cardinal) in 1990, Bishop Max. J. Rodrigues in 1998 and Bishop Samson Shukardin in 2015 – to date.

The Catholic Board of Education – Hyderabad specifically emphasises inner-city slum areas and the indigenous populace in rural areas.

The Education Programme of the Catholic Bishops Conference of Pakistan; supported by Misereor since 1993 extensively enhanced the access of the underprivileged to formal education through the construction, repair renovation and extension of 10 Schools, support to 2 boys’ and girls’ hostels, pre-service and in-service training to teachers, Scholarships to candidates seeking professional degrees to become certified teachers, procurement of School equipment and teaching material.

Each of the following phases witnessed a high level of intensity to improve the quality of education:

  • Phase I – 30-08-1993
  • Phase II – 01-08-1996
  • Phase III – 07-04-2003
  • Phase IV – 30-06-2009
  • Phase V – 01-01-2015
  • Phase VI – 01-05-2017
  • Phase VII – 01-08-2020


The Teacher Educators at the Catholic Board of Education currently work with 35 Diocesan Schools as our Target Group located in 6 clusters commencing from the main city of Hyderabad to villages Schools situated at a distance of 400- 600 kilometres from Hyderabad.

Vision & Mission of Catholic Board of Education – Hyderabad


The Schools of the Catholic Board of Education Hyderabad inspired by the Gospel Values preached by Jesus Christ are dedicated to:

  • Serve the people of all faiths, especially the deprived and disadvantaged.
  • Provide quality education through a holistic approach.
  • Foster social, ethical values to bring about a just and harmonious society where the dignity of every person is respected.
  • Prepare responsible citizens.
  • Build eco-friendly attitudes by caring for the environment and mother-earth.


The Schools of the Catholic Board of Education Hyderabad are committed to the Vision by:

  • Ensuring a safe, caring and welcoming environment to foster dedication and commitment of the staff towards Child Centered Education.
  • Providing curricula opportunities to encounter different cultures and faiths.
  • Sharing available resources among our institutions for quality education.
  • Providing the teachers with skills, training and competencies for a professional approach in Education.
  • Promoting independent learning of pupils through creative and new technologies.
  • Imparting to students a sense of service and responsibility towards their community and Society at large.
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