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Mr. Saimon Robin

Education Officer

Saimon Robin has been serving as an ‘Education Officer’ at the National Catholic Education Commission in Lahore since 2019. With a distinguished career spanning back to approximately 1999, he holds a Master’s in Education and is currently pursuing a M. Phil degree.

Commencing his professional journey as a Secondary School Teacher, Saimon has contributed his expertise to renowned schools and colleges. In 2008, he furthered his educational leadership skills by participating in the Pakistan Educational Leadership Institute program at Plymouth State University in New Hampshire, USA. As part of this program, he successfully designed and executed an awareness project focused on Energy Conservation and Cultural Heritage Preservation.

In 2020-21, Saimon earned the title of ‘Master Trainer’ through certification from Portal Consultancy, leveraging this expertise to train teachers, pedagogical leaders, school leaders, and principals. Beyond his role as an Education Officer, he actively collaborates with the National Curriculum Council (NCC) as an ‘Educational Expert,’ contributing to the development of Pakistan’s ‘Single National Curriculum’ for Christianity. Furthermore, he holds the position of co-author for religious books (Christianity Grade-I-V) commissioned by the Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Development in Islamabad. Saimon Robin’s diverse experiences underscore his commitment to educational excellence and leadership in the field.

Our Master Trainer

A Master Trainer is a training professional who is responsible for training other trainers.

Mr. Nadeem Michael

Master Trainer (DBE RWP/ISB)

Mr. Paul Mohan

Master Trainer (CBE-Hyderabad)

Br. Farancis Rahmat

Master Trainer (DBE- RWP/ISB)

Sr.Azmat Ac

Master Trainer (CBE-Lahore)

Ms. Saika Sardar

Master Trainer ( CBE- Faisalabad)

Ms.Shahida Iqbal

Master Trainer (CBE-Lahore)

Ms. Jesica Secptal

Master Trainer (CBE- Karachi)

Ms. Nayab Rose

Master Trainer ( CBE-Lahore)

Mrs. Dina Rose

Master Trainer ( CBE- Lahore)

Mrs. Cheraubina Nadeem

Master Trainer (CBE-Faisalabad)

Mrs. Carol Naseem

Master Trainer ( CBE-Lahore)

Mr. Nadeem Gill

Master Trainer ( CBE-Lahore)

Mr. Shenazar Dean

Master Trainer (RWP/ISB)

Ms. Arooj Imran

Master Trainer ( DBE)

Ms. Arshia Nayab

Master Trainer (CBE-Quetta)

Mrs. Shakeela Rashid

Master Trainer (CBE-Quetta)

Mr. Haroon Raphael

Master Trainer ( CBE-Multan)

Mr. Saimon Robin

Master Trainer (NCEC)

Our Teacher Educator

A person tasked with educating future or practicing teachers.

CBE-Lahore Teacher Educator

Ms. Ashi Karel

She earned her Master’s degree in English Literature from Punjab University Lahore in 2018 and is currently pursuing a B.Ed. from Allama Iqbal Open University. With three years of teaching experience, including one year as a coordinator, she has previously served as a subject teacher at St. Mary’s High School in Lahore.

Since October 2023, she has been serving as a Teacher Educator at the Catholic Board of Education in Lahore. Her commitment to professional development is evident through her engagement with various learning platforms, including the National Catholic Education Commission (NCEC), Notre Dame Institute of Education (NDIE), and the Catholic Board of Education (CBE). These experiences have significantly contributed to enhancing her skills and knowledge, reflecting her dedication to continuous improvement in the field of education.

Ms.Shahida Iqbal

As of 2022, she holds the position of Teacher Educator at the Catholic Board of Education in Lahore, where she contributes to the advancement of education through her expertise. Previously, she served as a Principal for eight years at St. John of God School in Halloki, Lahore, demonstrating effective leadership and management skills.

Since 2020, she has been actively engaged as a Master Trainer with the National Catholic Education Commission (NCEC), further highlighting her commitment to enhancing educational practices. Academically, she holds a Masters in English and has earned a Bachelor of Education (B.Ed), underlining her dedication to professional development and the pursuit of excellence in the field of education.

CBE-Karachi Teacher Educator

Ms. Jessica Saptel

Serving as the Academic Supervisor at the Catholic Board of Education in Karachi, she brings a distinguished educational background and extensive professional experience to her role. She earned her Bachelors in Commerce from St. Joseph’s Convent School in Karachi, followed by a Post-Graduation in Bachelors in Education from the University of Karachi. Furthering her academic pursuits, she obtained an International Graduate Certificate in Education from the Australian Catholic University in Melbourne and an M.A. in Economics from the University of Karachi.

Her credentials also include being a Certified Master Trainer by Portal Consultants, operating under the management of the National Catholic Education Commission (NCEC). She has actively contributed to various projects with organizations such as The Dawood Foundation (TDF), British Council (ISA Project), State Bank of Pakistan Project (NBFLY), Oxford University Press, and Scottish Scholarship.

Currently, she extends her expertise by training leaders, coordinators, and teachers from diverse dioceses across Pakistan through virtual platforms like Google Meet, showcasing her commitment to advancing educational leadership and excellence.

DBE-Rawalpindi /Islamabad Teacher Educator

Mr. Aamir Dean

Having earned his Master of Education (M.Ed.), he brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the field of education. With an impressive 23 years dedicated to teaching, he has also served as a coordinator for 7.5 years and as the Head Spark Teacher for 5.5 years.

Presently, he holds the position of Teacher Educator at DBE, where he plays a pivotal role in providing comprehensive support for professional development, counseling, training, and program policies. The National Catholic Education Commission (NCEC) and the Notre Dame Institute of Education (NDIE) have been instrumental in enhancing his teaching skills and content delivery, underscoring his commitment to continuous improvement and excellence in the education sector.

Ms.Iram Zaffar


Ms. Rubina Pervaiz


CBE-Faisalabad Teacher Educator

Ms.Fouzia Kanwal

Fouzia Kanwal, a dedicated Teacher’s Educator, brings a diverse educational background and extensive experience to her role. Her academic journey began with Matriculation in 1997 from St. Paul’s Middle School, Hajwery Town, Faisalabad, followed by F.A in 1999 from Govt. College for Women, Gulistan Colony, Faisalabad. She pursued a Certificate in Teaching in 2002, B.A in 2013, and B.Ed in 2014 from Allama Iqbal Open University, Islamabad.

With a solid foundation in education, Fouzia has garnered teaching experience in various schools, including St. Paul’s Middle School, Hajwery Town (3 years), St. Albert High School, 7 Chak (4 years), and St. Dominic Middle School, Warispura (six months). Beyond the realm of education, she has also ventured into the social sector with part-time roles at NADRA, Keune, Jazz Franchise, Sindbad, and has served as a monitoring officer and enumerator in organizations like Apex, LPP, Care Foundation, Bol Organization, NCJP, AWAM, Research Consultants, Punjab Skill Development, and more.

Eager to contribute her skills and learn new aspects of education, Fouzia aspires to be a valuable part of CBE Faisalabad. She believes that taking on this responsibility, with the support of NCEC and NDIE, will not only enhance her professional strengths but also contribute to the success of the institute.

Mr.Asif Rehmat

Possessing a robust educational background, he holds a Master’s degree in Mathematics (M.Sc) and a professional teaching qualification, a Bachelor of Education (B.Ed). With a wealth of experience, he has devoted 11 years to teaching Mathematics at the secondary level across various schools. Additionally, he boasts more than 3 years of commendable experience as a Subject Teacher for Mathematics in O-Levels classes within a prestigious educational institution.

Currently, he serves as a dedicated Teacher Educator at the Catholic Board of Education in Faisalabad. His commitment to professional development is evident through his participation in training sessions conducted by NDIE, which have not only enhanced his capacity but have also ignited a deeper passion for his work within the diocese. His diverse experience, coupled with a strong academic foundation, positions him as a valuable asset in the realm of education and teacher development.

CBE-Multan Teacher Educator

Mrs. Uzma Aziz

She completed her Master’s in English from Leads University, Khanewal in 2005, marking a significant milestone in her educational journey. Possessing a robust background, she has accumulated six years of valuable experience in both teaching and leadership roles within the public sector.

As of September 2, 2019, she has been serving as a Teacher Educator at the Catholic Board of Education Multan, where she continues to contribute her expertise to the field of education. Her professional growth and knowledge have been notably enriched through her association with the management of CBE, NCEC, and NDIE.

Under the guidance of these esteemed institutions, she has not only acquired valuable insights but has also been inspired to create opportunities and provide mentorship to both teachers and students in her capacity as a Teacher Educator. The NDIE sessions, in particular, have proven to be instrumental in her ongoing professional grooming and development, further solidifying her commitment to excellence in the field of education.

Mr. Haroon Raphael

Mr. Haroon Raphael

He obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Arts from Baluchistan University Quetta and pursued his B.Ed. degree from Islamiyah University Bahawalpur. With over 25 years of experience in teaching and an additional 6 years in management, he has established himself as a seasoned professional in the education sector.

Currently serving as a dedicated educator, he brings more than 6 years of teaching expertise to his role. Furthermore, he has held the position of Master Trainer for approximately 3 years at the Catholic Board of Education in Multan, operating under the umbrella of the National Catholic Education Commission (NCEC). Within this capacity, he thrives in the secure yet challenging environment of the Catholic Education System, where he actively engages in mentoring teachers and sharing his knowledge. His commitment lies in uplifting the standard of education, contributing significantly to the enhancement of the educational landscape.

CBE-Hyderabad Teacher Educator

Mr. Sheraz Mark

Sheraz, possessing a foundation in science education, completed his matriculation at St. Bonaventure’s High School in Essa Nagri, Hyderabad. Subsequently, he pursued his Intermediate in Science at Muslim College, near Tower Market – Hyderabad. Advancing his academic journey, Sheraz earned a Bachelor of Science from The City College, affiliated with the University of Sindh – Jamshoro, and is presently awaiting the conferral of his Bachelor in Education degree from Notre Dame Institute of Education – Karachi.

Prior to assuming the role of Teacher Educator at the Catholic Board of Education – Hyderabad on November 18, 2021, Sheraz did not possess prior teaching experience. Since undertaking this position, he has found it to be profoundly gratifying, contributing significantly to his personal development and overall growth. Serving as a Teacher Educator has markedly augmented Sheraz’s understanding of effective teaching practices, playing an indispensable role in the realization of his life goals. The collaborative experience with fellow educators has proven mutually enriching, fostering a dynamic two-way learning process for both Sheraz and his colleagues.

Mrs. Teresa D’Souza

Teresa D’Souza has a strong educational background, including matriculation from St. Mary’s Convent Higher Secondary Girls School, Hyderabad, and additional qualifications from the University of Sindh – Hyderabad. Her professional journey began in 1975 at St. Bonaventure’s High School, City Campus, where she served as a Nursery and later an English teacher until 2000. Subsequently, she worked at St. John’s Primary School, Kalimori, contributing to its elevation to an Elementary level in 2004. In 2006, Teresa became the In-service Coordinator at the Catholic Board of Education, Hyderabad, progressing into Phase VI in 2017 with the National Catholic Education Commission – Lahore (NCEC) as a Teacher Educator. Currently associated with NCEC – Phase VII, Teresa finds satisfaction in working with marginalized communities, guiding teachers, and embracing new challenges for continued success.

CBE-Quetta Teacher Educator

Ms. Arshia Nayab

Ms. Arshia Nayab is a distinguished Teacher Educator and Master Trainer at the Catholic Board of Education in Quetta, bringing over 7 years of invaluable experience to her role. Her academic credentials include a Master’s degree in International Relations and a Bachelor’s degree in Education, reflecting her commitment to a holistic approach in education.

Arshia holds multiple certifications in professional education from renowned institutions, including the British Council, Notre Dame Institute of Education, Portal Consultants, United Nations Development Programme, Oxford Publishers, Bahira Town School, and Collage. This diverse set of certifications underscores her dedication to continuous professional development.

Her impact extends beyond traditional classrooms, as she has successfully imparted professional development courses to school leaders, teachers, and students. Ms. Arshia Nayab’s multifaceted expertise positions her as a significant contributor to the educational landscape, enriching the learning experiences of both educators and students alike.

Ms. Sana Chauhan


She holds a Master’s degree in Economics and a Bachelor’s in Education (B.Ed) from Alhamd University. With a valuable teaching background at institutions like St Joseph’s Convent School in Quetta and the International Baccalaureate (IB) in Lahore, where she served as a homeroom teacher in the Primary Years Programme (PYP), she has continuously explored diverse skills and strategies to enrich her lifelong learning journey.

In the year 2022, she commenced her role as a Teacher Educator at the Catholic Board of Education in Quetta. This marked her initial collaboration with the National Catholic Education Commission and Notre Dame Institute of Education. These experiences have not only provided her with a platform to enhance her knowledge and skills but have also exposed her to various strategies that significantly contribute to achieving targeted goals for the future. Her commitment to professional growth and her dynamic approach to education make her a valuable asset to the academic community.

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